Here you’ll find a selection of tracks that I’ve been composing recreationaly.
For professional work please see Technical.

GT Style

Short 'to-be-looped' piece composed and produced in 2018.

This track started out as a bass riff that grew into a gran turismo feel track. I liked the looped concept and wanted to do a video for it as well - available at

Used as a university project in 2018.


This project focuses on experimenting with sound and recording enveloping ambiences that deprive the listener of constant information, creating a soundscape where imagination is key.

The first track of a solo project.
Permormed and recorded in 2018

The White Inprint

Track composed in 2015.

Recorded and Mixed in analog in 2016.

Blank Space / Miss you / Valerie

The first and only Mashup I've ever done.
Produced in 2017