Projects I have worked with include Lisbon Film Orchestra (PT), The Black Keys (US), Tágua Tágua (BR), Audrey Chen (GER), FitaCola (PT), Martin Sued (ARG), Club Makumba (PT), Sean Riley (PT), Divergent Fractals (PT).

Places I’ve worked in include Casino Estoril, MusicBox, Casa do Capitão, CCB, Espaço Espelho D’Água.

João Žagar Galvão, born in Coimbra, Portugal in 1994.

It started when I was 14, I was recording local bands in my parents’ garage, trying to play shows and engaging with the local music scene. I used to listen to a lot of 90s punk rock and early 00s pop punk and that sparked a lot of my will to play, compose, record and release the music I was putting together with other musicians. These experiences were essencial to shape the way I look at my place in music and gave me the empirical knowledge to keep going. As I grew, I became more and more aware that I wanted to invest in music, both my own and others’.

I ended up graduating in Music Technology and Production and trying to pursue a life out of this insane(ly rewarding)  industry.

In events, I frequently work as a FOH and BOH engineer, technical director or guitar/drum tech.

Inside the studio  I usualy work as a producer, composer and engineer. The usual jobs include mixing for film, sound designing and foley, dialogue editing and restoration, original music writing and producing music in general. I feel that the people that surrounded me in these endeavours have allowed me to understand how to work cohesively within a creative/technical team while efficiently developing my technical capabilities and social skill.

Producing, composing and engineering make me feel grateful. Working alongside people to get their music, movie or play to sound just like they envisaged it fulfills me and gives me a fresh perspective when approaching my own endeavours.

To build and learn, together.

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