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‘Eunice ou Carta a Uma Jovem Actriz’‘Erros Meus, Má Fortuna, Amor Ardente’

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  1. Choices Marble Avenue 3:18
  2. Part Ways Marble Avenue 2:26
  3. See Through João Z. Galvão 2:48
  4. Your All (RADIO VERSION) Bernardo Jales 3:19
  5. Cowboys (Queer Lisboa 24) João Z. Galvão 2:15
  6. PTM (OST) João Z. Galvão 3:24
  7. GT João Z. Galvão 1:57
  8. Start the Line João Z. Galvão 1:32
  9. The White Inprint João Z. Galvão 2:39

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Meeting new people, sharing new ideas and working for the vision of a projectis what I am all about.

If you need sound production, original music or just want to share your visionand collaborate with me, drop me a line and let's work together.

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