I am João Zagar Galvão, born in Coimbra, Portugal in 1994. Since teenagehood I’ve always wanted to be a proactive member of the music community I’m in, to stimulate growth among musicians around me and to promote creativity through collaboration. I believe that collaboration and shared knowledge are some of the most important components of personal growth.

I started when I was 14-year-old recording local bands in my parents’ garage, playing shows and engaging with my local music scene. I used to listen to a lot of 90’s punk rock and early 00’s pop punk and that drove my will to play, compose, record and release the music I was putting together with other musicians alike. These experiences helped to shape the way I look at my place in the music industry and gave me the empirical knowledge to keep going. As my teenage years went by, I became more and more aware that I wanted to invest in music, both my own and others’.

Fast forward 10 years and here I am, a graduate in Music Technology and Production, having participated in various music, entertainment and cultural projects, both in the performing and the production strands. I’ve worked in a live environment as FOH and BOH engineer, roadie, guitar/drum tech, and inside the studio as a producer, composer and engineer. I’ve worked with producers, composers, movie and theatre directors and more, and that made me understand how to work cohesively within a creative/technical team while efficiently exploring my technical and social strenghts and weaknesses. I strive to meet new people I can work with, to explore sound in a creative way and to grow and learn daily from my surroundings, to give my best in every project I’m involved with.

Production, arranging and engineering make me feel accomplished in the way I can impact other peoples’ art and every day I work hard so as to make enough to live from it. Working alongside artists to get their music, movie or play to sound just like they envisaged it fulfills me and gives me a fresh perspective when approaching my own music. To make music happen consistently while bringing joy to the viewer/listener, that’s what sums up my lifelong goal.

To be able to work in music means to have the privilege to create, develop and share knowledge together. It means learning more from each project that arises and it means working hard to get the job done in the best way possible while humbly accepting my flaws and working to avoid them.

Build and learn, together.